Dermalight 80 shown being used on the scalp.

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The Dermalight 80

Dermalight 80 - What you get!
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What you get:
  • Convenient Carry Case
  • The Dermalight 80  Wand
  • Comb attachment
  • Treatment Timer
  • Treatment Goggles
  • Instruction Manual
  • Power Supply
  • Spare Lamp PL-S9W/01 (Optional)


  • The Dermalight 80 offers a photo therapy solution in the palm of you hand.
  • Portable, Convenient Spot Treatment Device UVB Narrow Band lamp for the treatment of Eczema, Vitiligo and Psoriasis and many other skin challenges.


  • UVB Narrow Band provides highly effective treatment without the need for photosensitizing drugs.
  • Treats an area of roughly 2" x 6" (5 cm x 15 cm) at a time.
  • Convenient and lightweight.
  • The perfect solution for localized treatment.
  • Separate comb attachment is ideal for treating scalp.
  • Comb may be used as a distance guard to treat areas other than the scalp
  • Shipped fully assembled and ready for immediate use.


  • Treats an area of roughly 2" x 6" (5 cm x 15 cm) at a time.
  • Uses Single PL-S9W/01 Lamp
  • Power output - approx 3.5 mw per sq cm at about 1" (2.5 cm)
  • Two units available
  • Consumes less than 50 Watts
  • Wand 12.5"x3.25"x1.5"
  • 1.0 lb (450g)
  • Lamp: PL-S 9W/01